URGENT Hearing Thurs Increase Wolf Trapping Season Tues Snaring

The Montana trapping bills continue to come, quickly and worsening by the week!
Thursday 1/28 Lengthening the wolf trapping season and Tuesday 2/2 Snaring of wolves hearings!

Hearing Thursday, Jan. 28, House Fish Wildlife and Parks Committee:

Montana HB225 Revising Wolf Trapping Season Laws. 

(8) The commission may authorize a wolf trapping season that opens the first Monday after Thanksgiving and closes March 15 of the following calendar year, except that the commission may adjust the dates for specific wolf management units based on regional recommendations.”  – END


In other words increase the length of the Montana wolf trapping season from the current December 15 – February 28 to run from the end of November to March 15. Additionally, this bill allows different regions of the state to do so. 

We need you to speak up for the wolves and the many other innocent victims that will be trapped, injured, and destroyed with the lengthening of wolf trapping seasons.

Mountain lion paw. A hounds-man, contacted KC York, TFMPL/President/Founder, to accompany him to see it. KC identified it as a MB750 trap set for wolves. Spring 2015, long after wolf trapping season had ended. Verified by forensics as authentic.

Here are the variety of easy ways to provide public comment in OPPOSITION to these bills!

Here are the particulars:
Bill: HB225 Establish Wolf Trapping Season Dates
Hearing date 1/28/21 3pm MST
Committee: (H) House Fish Wildlife and Parks
Position: Opponent

For Montanans to provide public comment for any bills:   

  • Sign up by noon MST TODAY , Wed 1/27, to give verbal testimony via zoom or submit written testimony. Note: All bills require this means for public comment be provided by noon the day prior to the scheduled hearing. https://leg.mt.gov/public-testimony/   Provide the information requested.
  • Send a message to the Committee. https://leg.mt.gov/web-messaging/.  This will be hand delivered to the Committee prior and even during the hearing!
  • Montanans contact your legislator regarding these bills: https://leg.mt.gov/.  You can look up your legislator, their contact information, and find many other helpful links on this user friendly Montana Legislative website to enable you have a voice!

For Non-Residents: See highlighted below. 

For Anyone: 

  • Call the information desk 1-406-444-4800. Tell them you are calling about Bill number, Committee, Your Position (Oppose/Against) and your name. This will be printed off and provided to the committee.

The hearing on Thursday, January 28, starts at 3pm in the House Fish, Wildlife, and Parks committee. To view/listen: http://bit.ly/36dvhII

Take Action now for Tuesdays, 2/2, hearing Allowing Wolf Snaring,
HB224 in the House Fish Wildlife and Parks Committee. Same particulars apply. Request by noon on Monday 2/1 to participate via zoom giving verbal testimony or to submit written testimony. 
Send a message to the Committee. https://leg.mt.gov/web-messaging/

Here is the wolf snare bill language sponsored by Rep. Paul Fielder, a previous district director of the Montana Trappers Association and husband to former Senator, Jennifer Fielder. Snares are already allowed in Montana and year round. Snares for wolves will be that much bigger, stronger, increasing suffering and killing of more wildlife and domestic animals, indiscriminately! 

There are numerous Montana unprecedented anti-wildlife bills to kill more wolves, grizzlies, increase and protect trapping, reimburse “wolf” trappers resurfaced, reclassify wolves as predators, and lessen the rights of property owners. Let us know how you will help. We will gladly assist you!

Given the makeup of the Montana legislature, these brutal bills stand a strong chance of passing into law. We know opposing trapping is bi-partisan, please advise the Montana legislature and hold them accountable, no matter which party you affiliate with!

Non-residents, we especially need your help! Now is your chance!

Contact our Montana Tourism Department and respectfully voice your upset over trapping and your unwillingness to spend your hard earned tourism dollars in our state.

Montana Office of Tourism PO Box 200533 Helena MT 59620-0501
Phone: 406.841.2870 
800-VISIT-MT (800-847-4868) 
Fax: 406.841.2871
Contact: https://www.visitmt.com/contact.html
Email: diverson@mt.gov

Facebook: Write a respectful but honest comment on their Facebook page which depicts all the Montana outdoor beauty and wildlife while hidden secreted wide spread trapping destroys so much of what we all love and you come to see! Will you visit if this reign of trapping terror and brutal war on wolves continues? Communicate that in your comment. https://www.facebook.com/visitmontana

Get their phones constantly ringing!
We want to get their email boxes saturated! Unfortunately, at this time, we do not know which email/contact form is most effective.

Please send us copies of your correspondence! Someday, we plan to have a stack to hand deliver!

Tourism is Montana’s 2nd leading and fastest growing industry. Despite covid, last year, Yellowstone was again inundated with people wanting to see wildlife, particularly wolves! Montana legislators don’t care though about you but our state economics does!

Everyone, please amplify what is happening against our wildlife in Montana.
Visit our Trap Free Montana Public Lands Facebook page and share our posts. Tweet for us. Forward this action alert to those trustworthy. Write letters to newspaper editors. Get other non-profits, organizations, groups, and businesses to help us stop this despicable war on our wildlife!  

To monitor bills, hearings, listen in or watch, and the various means to provide public comment, visit the Montana legislature home page:

1 thought on “URGENT Hearing Thurs Increase Wolf Trapping Season Tues Snaring

  1. First, we need to know why the are doing this. Unfortunately, the stole the right to ‘manage’ wolf populations, but according to the Federal government, it isn’t a license to keep trapping and hunting – the health of the species is paramount. It does not mean these lying ah’s can do things without any responsibility to the public.

    If the animals are not properly managed, they will be put back on the threatened or endangered list is my understanding?

    Can they be dragged into court, I hope.


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