Canada Geese Massacre in Denver, CO: Correspondence & Update

United Poultry Concerns <>
11 July 2020


Dear Friends,

Thank you for your many emails and phone calls to the executive director of
Denver Department of Parks and Recreation, Scott Gilmore. Tragically, the
round-up of geese sitting peacefully on the water at dawn has continued, as
shown here:
Garland Park Round-up: Setting up Chutes for the Geese

If Mr. Gilmore is experiencing any remorse for the suffering and death he
needlessly authorized, it is not apparent.

Mr. Gilmore’s email to UPC can be read here:
Mr. Gilmore email to UPC, July 8 2020

UPC president Karen Davis’s reply to Mr. Gilmore can be read here:
UPC reply to Mr. Gilmore, July 10 2020

So many heartfelt pleas to Mr. Gilmore to save the geese have been made and
forwarded to UPC over the past week. We chose one that describes to Mr.
a peaceful resolution by Corporate Real Estate in Colorado:
Wendy Oschmann to Mr. Gilmore, July 8 2020

Philosophy professor John Sanbonmatsu spoke with Mr. Gilmore on July 10.
in part, is John’s report on their conversation:

Incredibly, after 40 minutes of polite conversation and argument, Gilmore
somehow thought he was “reassuring” me when he then added that the geese
hadn’t been “wasted,” but had been “processed” with help from the USDA and
served in food pantries for poor families needing “high quality” protein
during the COVID epidemic. “No part was wasted,” etc.! And he really
this would help me feel better about the killing.

We will continue our effort, led by Canada Geese Protection Colorado, to
the geese and stop the violence, if not this year, then next. Here is the
recent update from Canada Geese Protection Colorado:
City of Denver oversees Garland Park round-up of Canada Geese at dawn

Please write back to Mr. Gilmore at if you’re
dissatisfied with his response to your pleas on behalf of the geese. He
that all but one person he talked to on the phone – 30 or more – now
“understand” (sympathize or agree with) his decision to destroy the geese,
this is not true. People are sickened by his behavior toward the geese and
his attempt to pacify the outrage. He’s confusing our civility with

*Keep HONKING for the Canada Geese! *
*United Poultry Concerns*

United Poultry Concerns is a nonprofit organization that promotes
the compassionate and respectful treatment of domestic fowl.
Don’t just switch from beef to chicken. Go Vegan.

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