The Long History Of Murdered Animal Rights And Environmental Activists

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Regan Russell and other activists killed

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With the recent passing ofRegan Russell who died when run over by a slaughterhouse truck at a vigilin Canada, a long horrible chain of violence has been added to.

Below is a timeline of vegan activists who died speaking out for the animals.

When possible I have posted pictures of the slain individuals so they can be more than just words on a page.

1976, January 6th: William Sweet, LACS member Anti-hunting activist, Murdered after an altercation with a man who was shooting birds. His murderer was jailed for life but was later released.

1985 October 7th: Fernando Pereira a Greenpeace photographer was murdered by the French Secret Service when the vessel “Rainbow Warrior” was sunk by two explosions in Auckland Harbor, New Zealand.


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1 thought on “The Long History Of Murdered Animal Rights And Environmental Activists

  1. Where is the vegan outrage? I heard and saw a lot of AR folks enraged about George Floyds death( and rightly so), but how about Regan Russell’s death? Until we take to the streets and into mainstream media’s attention, nothing is going change. Clicktivism alone isnt going to cut it folks.


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