OK weekend hunting news:  

In trying to prevent the spread of chronic wasting disease (CWD) in Okla., Okla. state wildlife officials
Are proposing some regulations that would prohibit out-of-state hunters from bringing in whole
Carcasses of deer, elk or moose into Okla.
Another proposed regulation would give the director of the Okla. Wildlife Dept. the power to implement
Steps to try to prevent the spread of CWD if it is ever found in Okla.
CWD is a fatal, neurological disease that occurs in North American cervids (members of the deer
Family). It was discovered in 1967 and has spread to 26 states and two Canadian provinces.
It is transmitted freely among deer and elk and there is no known cure. It is also transmitted directly
Thru animal-to-animal contact and indirectly thru contact with objects (including carcasses) or environment
Contaminated with this infection. It is not known to infect livestock or humans. It attacks the brains
Of the infected animals and causes the animals to become emaciated and die.
The Wildlife Dept. has been testing for this disease for almost two decades and has never detected
The disease in this state. However, it has been found in wild deer in every state surrounding Okla.
In 1998, CWD was confirmed in a captive elk herd in Okla. County that was imported from Montana
And the entire herd was euthanized to prevent the spread of the disease.
A spokesman for the Wildlife Dept. said the new proposed rules is an attempt to minimize the
Risk of deer and elk in Okla. Getting infected with CWD.
He also said that the new proposed regulation only applies to out-of-state hunters and is similar
To hunting regulations already imposed by wildlife agencies in other states.
The Wildlife Dept. recognizes the new rule, if passed, would be an inconvenience for Oklahomans
Who might hunt in a neighboring state but live close to the border. They might bring in a carcass
Across state lines to their homes to clean it. It is not worth the risk of a CWD outbreak.
Under the proposed rule, out-of-state hunters could only bring in the following from a cervid
1. Antlers or antlers attached to a clean skull plate or cleaned skulls.
2. Animal quarters containing no spinal materials, or meat with all parts of the spinal column removed.
3. Cleaned teeth
4. Finished taxidermy products
5. Hides or tanned projects

The Wildlife Dept. has been working with the Okla. Dept. of Agriculture, Food and Forestry along
With commercial hunting operations on a response plan if the disease if ever detected.
Another proposed regulation, if passed, would give the director of the Wildlife Dept. the authority to
Respond to the threat of a CWD outbreak. One course of action would be implementing a management
Zone where CWD was detected.
There are several meetings across the state for public comment in March.

The Okla. Dept. of Wildlife Conservation will hold its “March Rack Madness” event in March
At its OKC headquarters in Okla. City.
Hunters can bring in antlers attached to the skull plate for free scoring by the official Boone
And Crockett and Pope and Young measurers.
Also, in addition to white tailed and mule deer antlers, there will scoring available for elk antlers,
Antelope horns and bear skulls.
There will be food trucks available for lunch and hunters will be treated to a free fish fry for dinner.
Anyone who brings antlers to be scored will be eligible to win a lifetime hunting and fishing license.
And there will be drawings for other prizes.
This day will also include seminars on scoring and aging deer and taking care of mounts.

2 thoughts on “OK weekend hunting news:  

  1. And let’s not forget for a moment how and why chronic wasting disease has spread from a small, isolated focus in northeastern Colorado to now include much of North America: the widespread interstate movement of infected animals to “game farms” in various states and provinces whose primary function is to provide canned hunting opportunities for the degenerates who are attracted by such perversions. Add that one to the long list of capital crimes which sport hunters, collectively and individually, need to answer for.

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